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DIY Jeweled Paracord Bracelet

I know I’m not the only one who has held onto a collection of unmatched earrings, all who have sadly lost their mate at one point or another, for far too long. I haven’t been able to part with some of my favorite danglers in hopes that their other halves would eventually turn up. They never do. Thus came the idea to repurpose these gems, pairing them with the ultimate in utilitarian accessories: the paracord bracelet. If you remember how to make a macrame bracelet, then consider this tutorial a simple refresher.

You’ll need:
10 feet of 550 paracordan earring or small broocha lighterE6000scissors

Start with a yard of paracord. Fold it in half and wrap around the wrist to measure. This will be the base of the bracelet. Tie a single knot at the end and double check the length around the wrist – it should fit loosely as the bracelet will tighten once the design is added. Center the rest of the paracord under the base. Fold the right cord over the middle strands and under the left cord.


DIY Woven Chain Collar Necklace

Earlier this month Lauren and I escaped city life with our dear friend Grace, of The Stripe, for a weekend chock-full of sun and DIY. With an abundant supply of rhinestone and brass curb chain, we decided to try weaving the components together to make our own collar necklaces. It was fun to see how wonderfully different the pieces turned out  – each so fabulous in their own unique way! Honestly, isn’t that the best part about DIYing with friends?

You’ll need: 1 foot of large rhinestone chain3 feet of curb chain cut into 3 pieces (I used two 12″ pieces and one 10″ piece)3 skeins of embroidery flossscissors

Start by laying two pieces of curb chain side by side. Tie on 4 feet of embroidery floss into a double knot to the end of the left chain, leaving at least a foot of extra slack. Thread the floss through the top of the first link of the right chain. Thread the floss under the first link on the left side and through the top of the 2nd link on the right side.

Continue this weaving pattern…